Zumofresh LLC

Greate quality juice

The exclusive design of Zumoval citrus fruit squeezers means that the peel is not pressed during the squeezing process, but separated from the flesh. The result of this process is a high quality, tasteful and vitamin-rich juice.

Maximum performance at peak hours

Zumoval has also considered the various needs of different establishments, offering easy solutions to specific problems. Therefore, several different models have been designed, ranging from the Minimax, which squeezes 15 oranges per minute, to the FASTTOP which squeezes 45 oranges per minute, guaranteeing maximum efficiency at times of greater demand.

Strong and reliable

All our range includes high quality, durable materials, assembled under a strict manufacturing control. That is why we can state that our machines are able to run during long periods of time, without suffering any kind of mechanical damage. Due to their component design and their easy to dismantle squeezing system, they allow running express cleaning tasks.

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